Joy Senior Secondary SchoolSM
Motto: "Children need MODELS not CRITICS"

"Everyone has a will to win, but very few have the will to prepare to win"

V. Lambardi

Mrs. V. Maben in 1964 on an impulse gathered six children barely five years of age under a drumstick tree and began coaching them in various subjects. Thus she gradually laid the foundation stone for the institution randomly thought of and named as "JOY". With conscious effort and attention she worked on the different needs in different subjects among the children. Thus drawing the attention of other prospective parents to this tiny small statured lady whose size belied her indomitable strength and stubbornness to give up on any child in her care. The progress cards of her students were never printed initially. They were painstakingly drawn and cut in animal shapes. These cards are still lovingly preserved by many of her students who themselves are now parents of teenaged kids.

Mrs. Maben's sheer hard work and back breaking efforts to develop an elementary institution then popularly known as 'JOY NURSERY' is now called Not one to rest on her laurels she stepped forward in 1986 and handed over her goodwill and vision to grow on a bigger platform to Joy Senior Secondary School which was formed in the same year.

Late Mrs. V. Maben Journey of Years Part 1

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