Welcome To Joy Senior Secondary School

Our Vision

  1. Integral Formation: We aim for the overall development of the child, focusing not only on academic growth but also on their personal, social, and cultural growth.
  2. Awareness: We want students to become conscious of the world, its people, and the challenges it faces. This suggests a desire to nurture global citizens with a broad perspective.
  3. Preparation for Career: The vision includes preparing students for their chosen careers, highlighting the practical aspect of education and its application in real world contexts.
  4. Fulfilment and Glory: The ultimate aim is make students to find fulfilment by contributing positively to society and humanity. This reflects a strong emphasis on ethics and social responsibility.

Our Mission

  1. Holistic Development: Our mission is centered around the holistic development of students. This could include cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth, ensuring a well-rounded education.
  2. Individualized Teaching: We aim to stress teaching according to students' individual learning styles. This student-centered approach can lead to better understanding and engagement.
  3. Discipline and Punctuality: The motive is to highlight the importance of discipline and punctuality. These values can cultivate responsibility and a strong work ethic in students
  4. Collaborative Goal: The use of “together aim to achieve the goal” suggests a collaborative effort involving educators, students, parents and possibly the community, all working towards a common objective.