Welcome to Joy Senior Secondary School

In an era where nurturing the potential of every child is paramount, Joy Senior Secondary School’s motto, “Children Need MODELS, Not CRITICS,” encapsulates a profound philosophy that guides our approach to education.

In a world often marked by criticism and judgment, our motto champions a transformative mindset. It underscores the significance of providing children with positive role models who inspire, guide, and ignite their aspirations. While criticism can erode self-esteem and hinder growth, model instils values, fosters resilience, and encourages the pursuit of excellence.

It also reminds parents and guardians of their vital role in their child’s development. Rather than simply criticizing, they can become constructive ideals by showing unconditional love, active listening, and setting attainable examples.

Facilities of Joy

Welcome to Joy Senior Secondary School, a place where education comes alive as an exciting journey of exploration and growth! Our commitment to foster a dynamic learning environment sets us apart. Here, we blend education with excitement to nurture young minds into curious, confident and creative individuals.

"Inspiring Lifelong Excellence."

Library Wonderland

Our library is like a treasure of books and information. We have numerous books pertaining to different topics alongwith academic books that let you dive deep into your subjects. It’s a place where you can always achieve the milestone of your knowledge journey.

"Empowering Minds, Enriching Souls"


A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Emphasizing on the need of this mantra, whether you like basketball, football, or any other sports, we have a large playground ready for you. Playing sports not only keeps you fit but also teaches you teamwork and sportsmanship.

"Unite: Sports for Life!"

Highly Equipped Labs

Imagine with playing scientific equipments, computers, and chemicals! In our special labs, you can do just that. We have high-tech equipments that help you learn by doing, with utmost safety. So, you won’t just read about things, you’ll actually implement them.

"Explore Curiosity in Our Labs!"

Diverse Curriculum

At Joy, we support a curriculum that goes beyond the classroom and incorporates creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills to suit a variety of interests and abilities. We cover a broad range of fundamental subjects that lay a solid foundation, from maths and science to literature and history.

"Inspiring Futures Together."

Extra Fun Arena

Apart from the prominent features, we also have some fun-filled areas. Our auditorium is like a big hall to organize events like singing, dancing, plays and to have big gatherings. If you’re into art, we have special rooms just for that, where you can draw, paint, and let your creativity flow.

"Where Creativity Finds Its Stage."

Our glory speaks our

dedication and remarkable achievements.

Meet Our Dedicated Teaching Staff

A school is only as strong as its educators, and at Joy, we take pride in our exceptional teaching staff. These educators bring a wealth of experience and dedication to the classroom, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance.

"Nurturing Minds, Inspiring Futures Together."

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