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Capturing the Spirit of Sports: Where Every Moment Tells a Story

Empowering Growth through Sports: The Joy School Advantage

At Joy School, we view physical activity as an integral part of our students’ growth and well-being. We believe that engaging in sports not only promotes physical development but also nurtures essential qualities such as confidence, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork among our pupils. We encourage our students to explore and embrace various sports, empowering them to find joy in staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Discovering Passions Through Our Diverse Physical Education Curriculum

We at Joy, take pride in offering a wide and diverse Physical Education (PE) curriculum that goes beyond just physical exercises. Our goal is to provide our pupils with a range of engaging activities, allowing them to discover a physical pursuit they genuinely enjoy which they wish to embrace beyond the school grounds.

In our PE classes, students have the chance to explore various sports and activities, each designed to cater to different interests and skill levels. From the thrill of athletics to the strategic plays of chess, the teamwork in basketball, the challenge of climbing to the passion of football and the finesse of hockey to the artistry of dance and power of yoga.

Fostering Excellence in Sports and Leadership

“Through dedication, discipline, and teamwork, NCC cadets not only excel on the field but also in life. Their commitment to sportsmanship and leadership sets the standard for excellence in our school.”

Celebrating Sport's Achievements

At Joy School, we foster a culture of sporting excellence and providing our Key Stage 2 pupils with exciting opportunities to showcase their athletic talents. Our comprehensive sports program offers a diverse range of Inter-School and Inter-House competitions that cater to a wide array of interests and abilities.

“At Joy School, a culture of mutual respect and kindness thrives, where students embrace diversity and treat one another with genuine care and understanding.” – Joy School’s Internal Review, 2023

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